First app review – app

Hello. Now for my first ever blog post =) —– I am going to review the app (Version 3.3.3). It basically functions as a caller and text ID. I have been using this for a long time.

Google play:



Screenshot_2016-03-19-10-35-09I found this on Google play store when I tried searching for an app that can easily upload pictures of my phone book contacts. Before using this app, I had to manually add the pictures. I was enthusiastic at first but I got tired haha. The best thing about this app is it automatically uploads profile pictures (from major social networks) of your family and friends into your phone. Also, as long as you have an internet connection, the app will keep your contact information up to date and can synchronize the latest photos. Convenient isn’t it? It allows syncing with social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, and VKontakte.

That is actually the only function I needed out of the app. I wanted my phone book to look nice with pictures and information. Fortunately, it has other relevant functions besides a social caller ID. According to Google play store, allows identification of unknown phone numbers and lets users report spam calls. If you keep on receiving spam calls, you can blacklist/block the said spam number, although most phones are already equipped with the ability to block certain numbers. For example, my phone (a middle range Samsung smartphone) has an auto reject mode, it allows the user to build a list of numbers that you want to reject.


I observed that the app has great improvements over time. When I first installed this, the photo updates are not what I would call “automatic”, because I had to click a button first before it starts syncing. Now, there is no need for that, and you can set the auto sync frequency. You can also set the option to sync only when you are on wifi or when you are charging. The user interface is also very newbie friendly, good for people like. I gave this a rating of 4.5 stars on Google play. The developers have also added support to more social networks (it can only support Facebook before). And oh, you can also set the app to remind you for birthdays of your contact. 🙂




I recommend for you to try this app. It’s free on Google play store and it is ad free. =)


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