Psiphon app review

Another app review — I am a frequent user of this app (Version 114). Activating this app will allow you access to everything on the internet, unblocking restricted, unavailable or censored websites.

Google Play: Psiphon

Screenshot_2016-03-19-17-47-43I use this app at work mostly. Some websites and apps are blocked, but fortunately, using this app enables me to watch youtube videos and use messaging apps. It also works as a VPN connection, giving users protection when connecting to public access wifi. Setting up the app is an essential step to get the app to connect to your wifi network.


All you have to do is go to Options, click on Tunnel whole device (only for Android 4.0). Enabling this would allow not only your browser, but all of your apps unrestricted internet access. For wifi networks with proxies, just click more options and add your proxy address and proxy port. Easy! After that you are good to go. You can choose any region (sets the IP address to that region). I usually just choose Best Performance. And then click Start. It will connect in a few seconds. If it doesn’t, it will notify you to restart the connection. Voila! Now you are able to do unrestricted browsing and messaging.


I recommend this app! This is a free version (but with ads). I am fine with it, the ads are not annoying and only appears when you open the app (it won’t disrupt any of your phone activities). There is an ad free version: Psiphon Pro.



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