Backgrounds HD app review

There are a lot of free wallpaper apps in the market, but this one is my favorite: Backgrounds HD (Version 4.3.64). This app has thousands of free high definition wallpapers available. It is categorized as an Editor’s choice app and Top developer (OGQ).

Google play: Backgrounds HD


I practically change wallpapers every week, I can’t help it because there a lot of pictures to choose from. 🙂

There are several wallpaper categories to choose from, including: Airplane, Animal, Autumn, Brand, Buildings, Cars, Cats and Dogs, City, Colorful, Fantasy, Flowers, Food, Game, Girly, Heart, Illustration, Love, Monochrome, Mountain, Music, Nature, Night View, Paintings, Patterns, People, Pink, Portrait Mode, Quotes, Rain, Red, Sea, Sky, Sports, Spring, Summer, Sunset, Texture, Travel, Trees, Universe, Vintage, Winter

Or you could just check out the most popular wallpapers in: Recent, Daily, Weekly popular, Monthly popular, and All time popular.

BackgroundsHD8The menu allows you to bookmark your favorite wallpapers (Favorites) so you could go back to it later. Also, you are able to view your history, you will see the wallpapers you have used already.


Try this app now. 🙂









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