ESET Mobile security and antivirus app review

This particular app (Version serves as your smartphone’s protection against the dangers posed by the internet such as viruses, suspicious applications, etc. You can also use this on your tablet.

Google play: ESET Mobile security and antivirus


I have used a lot of different AV apps, and all of them are quite effective, but this is my favorite. I am using the free version.

EsetAVapp2The free version only offers the antivirus and anti theft features, which is fine by me. The premium features are SMS & call filtering, anti-phishing and security audit. I have no idea what the last 2 features are for haha. I am quite content with the free version, but if you want the other features, I think it is still worth it to buy the full premium version.

For the antivirus, there are three scan levels: quick, smart and deep. Automatic scans and updates can only be enabled in the full version. But don’t worry, the app reminds you if the update database is already old, so you can update it manually.

Real time protect and the ESET live grid is also enabled in both free and premium versions.



I recommend this app. 🙂 It is very easy to use and has a simple interface. There are other antivirus apps you can try, but this one really performs its functions very well.


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