Toca Pet doctor app review

This app is designed for kids (ages 2-6). I have a cute niece who plays a lot of Toca Boca games, and they are by far one of her favorites. I am going to review one of these games, Toca Pet Doctor.

Google play: Toca pet doctor

Toca pet doctor

I have watched my niece play this on the tablet and she had a great time. Basically, there are 15 cute animals that she needs to treat – each of them has a unique medical problem hehe. The pets are: CHARM the charming dog, BUN our friendly neighborhood budgie, TARZAN the upside down turtle, WORM the not so happy earthworm, BLOB the slimy snail, POP the spikey iguana, MOLLY the chipper Guinea Pig, BISSE the yellow canary, RASCAL the mischievous cat, PICKLES the perky pigeon, CID (pronounced Sssssid) the snake, DOTTIE the spotted toad, JESS “pretty eyes” spider, BRIE the cheesy mouse and TOFU the vegetarian rabbit. The main activity here is for your child to play the role of a veterinarian (cool isn’t it?).

As I have said, each of these adorable pets has a problem that needs to be addressed, and after the treatment, your kids can feed them. Sorry I couldn’t take screenshots, too bad the colorful visuals are really nice. It is perfect for kids!

Try this!

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