PocketBook app review

This review is about the PocketBook app (version 1.21.11899) – a PDF and EPUB reader.

Google play: PocketBook app


Here are the features according to Google play:

Main features:
– Scroll or turn pages by swiping, tapping on the edge of the screen or by using the volume keys.
– Use single page, dual page or scroll viewing modes.
– Search text to find needed information.
– Highlight text and make notes.
– Export notes & highlights to a file.
– Adjust display brightness while reading.
– Lock screen orientation.
– Quickly access to table of contents, notes and highlights.
– Easy book navigation.
– Adobe DRM support.
– OPDS catalogs.
– ABBYY Lingvo, GoldenDict, ForaDict dictionaries support
– Text-to-speech

PDF & DjVu features:
– Crop page margins manually or automatically to fit page content to the screen size.
– Use pinch and stretch gestures to zoom in or out page.
– Use double tap to zoom to a particular text fragment.
– Turbo PDF mode (Fast PDF rendering )

EPUB, FB2, TXT, RTF, MOBI, PDB features:
– Use pinch-to-zoom gestures to change font size.
– Change text and background color. PocketBook reader supports four color themes (night, day, sepia and gray).

There many other similar reader apps in the market, including this PocketBook app. I used Aldiko reader prior to this one, and it  is also a good app (great features and a beautiful interface/app layout). However, it can only open EPUB and PDF files. I used PocketBook app because it is very convenient since it can support 6 ebook formats. I never needed to download another reader app after downloading this. The features listed above are quite superb. I liked the function of being able to zoom in and out, so you can control the size of the text, and find the right level brightness which is comfortable for reading. Page navigation is also quite easy and fast, you can go back to any page you want, without having to flip every page. The best features for students would be the text search, highlight and notes function, thus you can write/highlight directly on the ebook you are reading. I have never experienced lags or bugs whenever I use this app. This is best used on tablets (bigger screens of course), although your phone is fine (my phone screen is only 4.3 inches and I can already read comfortably). I just read in landscape orientation and I increase the text size. 🙂

Try this useful app. 🙂


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