The Room 1, 2 and 3 app review

The Room app game is a puzzle and mystery game set in a beautiful 3D world. I super love these apps, and I have actually played The Room 1 and 2. I am excited to play The Room 3!

Google Play: The Room 1         The Room 2       The Room 3

Here are some photos I have taken from Google:

The Room 1

The Room 2

The Room 3

I do not want to comment further, especially for those who haven’t tried this (I do not want to spoil you!). But all I can say is, it is one of the best puzzle/mystery games I have tried. Combined with mesmerizing visuals and intriguing trail of clues, playing this game is really an immersive, unique experience. Other users on Google play has given these apps high ratings: 4.8 stars for The Room 1 and 4.9 stars for the The Room 2 and 3. Some players have also said that some parts are a little difficult than others, but don’t worry, hints are given if you get stuck. I have played The Room 1 and 2 and finished in one sitting, it is actually like a book you can’t put down once you get hold of it (haha!). If you don’t want to do that, you can just save your progress and go back anytime you want. I have never experienced bugs, lags, crashes when I played the first two games, considering that my phone is just a middle range phone (low RAM).

I just discovered The Room 3 (I didn’t realize it was already out), and I really hope that Fireproof Games (the developer) will make more sequels, since the app series has garnered positive reviews and fans including myself (*crosses fingers*).

Try and play this game! 

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