Microsoft Office Mobile app review

Today I am going to review the MS office mobile app (version 15.0.4806.2000). It is basically a Word, Powerpoint, and Excel app all rolled into one. I have discovered that this app is quite convenient to use and a real must-have for busy people (like me).

Google play: MS office mobile app


Being a student, this app is a hassle free way to bring your documents with you anywhere. I have loads of reports and papers that I need to read and write. Sometimes ideas pop into my head randomly (haha) so this app helps me to quickly edit my documents. I liked the Word and Powerpoint functionality. You can create simple powerpoints on the go, but sometimes formatting is difficult to do on the app. I have had no problems with Word; typing is a breeze. I haven’t tried the Excel yet. I have lots of data thus I usually use the Excel PC version.

Here are photos of some parts of the app (taken from Google play).


There are other apps with the same functionality, but I recommend you to try this one too!


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