WordPress app review

Hello! I wrote this post using the WordPress app (version 5.3). This app is available on Google play.
I use this app mainly for reading of other blogs, monitoring of blog statistics and posting of comments. I haven’t actually used this to post reviews. So if you see some weird formatting or anything out of place, it might be a limitation of the app (as compared to the web version).



Adding pictures is quite easy. You only need to select from the phone gallery or the wordpress media gallery. You can select multiple pictures but the format cannot be changed to tiled mosaic, thumbnail etc. The app is quite fast and I have never experienced lags. You can also save a draft of your post so you can go back later, much like the web version.





Overall, I must say that the basics really are available here, like categorization, tagging, alignment etc. However, in order to format the post more accurately, you still need to use the web version. I believe this app really serves as a convenient tool for bloggers (on the go). You can use this to write a rough draft of your post and you can just polish it later on the browser version. For other bloggers, this app’s functions might be enough for them.

Try this!

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