Filedrop – pair and share app review

The next file sharing app for review is the Filedrop app (version 1.1.8).

Google play: Filedrop


I tried sending a 162 Mb file to my phone from the laptop and it only took 4 minutes. This is great as compared to uploading the file online or sending it via bluetooth (it’ll take hours!).

As compared to the previous sharing app I reviewed (Superbeam), the PC version of this app is free! Now you can send photos, videos or any other files unlimited, from your laptop/PC to phone and vice versa.







These are photos of the PC version:

The PC version is very simple to use. Once opened, it automatically looks for devices to pair with. The devices are designated with a device code (this codes changes every time – for security) so in case you find it difficult to find your device, you can just input the device cod into the app and voila, you are instantly connected.

Photos from the phone app version:

The interface is nonsense-free. At first, I was looking for menus, buttons and whatnots; it has a minimalist design. It’s so easy to use, you wouldn’t need a tutorial for this. You just need to drag and drop the file you want to send (PC version) or just select the file from the drop down menu (phone version). Just click accept to receive the file (both versions).

I don’t have any gripe about this considering that both PC and app versions are entirely free. There is no limit to the number and size of files you want to send or receive. And also, I didn’t see ads! 🙂 I am going to stick with this app from now on. Try it!


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