Guess the Movie quiz app review

Today I am going to briefly talk about the Guess the Movie app game (version 1.3).

Google play: Guess the Movie


Hundreds of stunning, beautiful minimalist movie posters.
Multiple levels to test your skills.

Lots of Help Options :
– Use hints to Guess the Movie based on the plot summary for the movie itself.
– Use a second kind of hint to guess the movie name in hangman style.
– Finally, use our “Resolve” feature in case you get really stuck!
– Also, if you find a few posters too despicable and tough, there are great ways to get free hints too!




I was bored so I tried this game, and I must say that it is quite enjoyable. Also, I am certain that movie lovers will find this interesting and entertaining. There are other apps similar to this so it is up to you to choose. Though I am not that knowledgeable regarding movies, I was still able to unlock other levels since hints are available if you get stuck.

Try this!

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