Tapet™ app review

Today’s review is all about the Tapet™ app version 5.5.

Google play: Tapet™

This app can generate random wallpapers using different patterns and colors.

Features (taken from Google play):tapet1

* Wallpapers are created according to your device’s screen resolution – making them the highest possible quality.
* No images are being downloaded from the internet. Everything is rapidly generated in your device.
* Images fit your screen perfectly and even create a beautiful parallax effect, making the wallpaper even more pleasant.
* New exciting patterns added in every version!
* You can set the app to surprise you with a new wallpaper hourly or daily. You will most likely never see the same wallpaper twice.

New Features:
* Free Trials!!!
* Patterns Manager
* Color Picker
* App shortcuts
* History of applied, liked and more
* Muzei support

Basically, wallpapers are generated through random swiping on your screen.You are able to generate different designs by swiping up and down, left and right.

Here are some designs I have generated (quite random!):

There are over 90 different patterns available (most of which are available for premium users). 

You can control the frequency of the pattern (how often you’d like a certain pattern to appear). Color priorities can also be set depending on your preference. There is a master switch available in the settings to enable or disable automatic change of the wallpaper of your device.

This app is great for users who wants to create their own random wallpapers and also for those who change their screen wallpapers frequently.

Try this!

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