Dropbox app review

Today’s app review will be about the Dropbox app (version 20.2.2) – a cloud storage app.

Google play: Dropbox app

dropbox1Features (taken from Google play):
• Edit Microsoft Office files from your phone or tablet
• Back up photos and videos automatically if you choose
• Send large files without using email attachments













I think some of you may be familiar with Dropbox on PC – wherein you can automatically backup files in a (separate) Dropbox folder and be able to update changes in real time. I use Dropbox software a lot during my college years and has saved me a lot of times from losing my documents (therefore sparing me the torture of starting my school requirements from scratch). Although we are very grateful for the existence of document recovery in MS Office, Dropbox provides another layer of security to our files, so we are sure that every change we make are definitely saved up. And in some (unlucky) cases where we need to reformat our machines, that is no problem at all since the documents are saved on the Dropbox cloud (you can just re-download everything after).

Thus Dropbox has upped the competition by introducing an app with the same capability – cloud storage. This can serve as an extension of the PC Dropbox, so now you can edit and view documents while on the go. The app is very easy to use and the user interface is quite simple, there is no need for a tutorial.



You can conveniently upload and download any kind of file. You literally have your files on hand using your smartphone. As with the PC version, you can also share your file with others through email invitation or by sending them the link of the file.



Try this app!




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