Who? Ultimate Character Quiz app review

Today I am going to review Who? game (version 1.1.0). I found this while I am browsing on Instagram, I got curious so I downloaded the app from Google play.

Google Play: Who?

who1Description and features (taken from Google play):

Do you know what it is like when you see a part of a character, you catch a glimpse and you are sure you know who it is? Sometimes you recognize it straightaway and other times it is gnawing away inside your brain for hours.

If you know what this is like – you will love the Who? App.

Who? is the gaming App that is all about recognition – with over 500 characters and 15 levels in a simple but stylish cut down graphic style. This game will make you delve into the depths of your memory to guess each character. But be warned, it is not as easy as you may first think!

The beauty of this game is it’s simple format – it taps into the way your brain stores images by breaking them down and leaving only it’s most recognisable parts – the shape of an eyebrow; an iconic feature or an item of clothing or accessory.

With different levels of difficulty no matter who you are, you will strive to get to the next level. You can do this by spending the coins you have earned through each level to help you unlock clues and hints for some of the harder characters, and progress through the levels to become the Who? Champion!

Play solo or with a group – This game does not use Wi-Fi so you can play on the go or at home. Perfect for any commute, bus, plane, train or car.

Choose where you start …

* Film

* TV

* Music

* Popular Culture

See how far you can get before you have to ask a friend!

Good Luck!

The user interface is very simple. There are ads on the bottom but are not disruptive. As mentioned above, there are four categories available including levels within each category. For Film – 6 levels, TV – 2 levels, Pop culture – 5 levels, and Music – 2 levels.


In each level you will need to answer a specific number of characters to be able to unlock and move on to the next level. In case you get stuck on a level or character, you can use your coins (you will earn 5 coins for each correct answer) to get hints.

If you need more coins, you can visit their shop to buy coins or you can purchase the option to unlock all the levels.

Try this app!



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