MyFitnessPal Health App Review.

MyFitnessPal App Review – Guest post

Hey Everyone! This is your favorite fitness blogger Shay-lon coming to you with a review ( I may not be your favorite, but pretend for today, okay) lol. – I was asked to do a guest post for a lovely blogger who enjoyed my post on “health apps” and wanted me to do one for their blog page & I accepted the mission. This particular blogger writes blog post on apps and reviews them to help others out on deciding whether or not they are worth the download, very helpful information, would recommend it, because we never really know what we are downloading and if it is worth the space it takes up, so have a look at the blog page.

I decided that I would do my health blog guest post on the “MyFitnessPal” App, one of the more popular health apps and one I have used on and off for a while. Hopefully this will help some of you who are on a fitness journey and want some guidance in choosing a health/fitness app that fits your needs. To begin with, I started using this app during college and during the time I wanted to lose weight the most. I had gotten the idea from a roommate at the time, he used it and loved it and recommended it to me. I decided to give it a try & since then I have lost almost 20lb using the app + another 10lb without the use of the app. I will start with the pros and cons and then at the end give you my overall thoughts.


  1. Barcode service to scan groceries instead of having to manually input the food.
  2. Many restaurants are uploaded, so if you eat out, you can find their menu and record what you ate from it
  3. Allows you to choose your goals (lose weight, gain weight, maintenance)
  4. Blog opportunity, they offer a blog for you to write in if you choose
  5. They offer blogs that you can read, health blogs
  6. If you want to make other friends on the app, they have a community space for advice, tips, introductions, etc to meet others
  7. Allows you to input exercise
  8. Most devices will work with this app
  9. You can set your weight, height, add a photo of yourself and create a profile
  10. It keeps track of your progress
  11. The app offers challenges that you can choose to partake in
  12. You can message people privately.
  13. It allows you to sign in using social media – facebook or you can create an account using email
  14. It allows your to keep track of steps if you have a step tracker device to connect it with
  15. You don’t need a device in order to use the app
  16. You can set reminders, to remind you to log food and exercise, etc
  17. You are able to create recipes and save them on the app, create food that the database cannot locate, or create meals that you eat often so that you log them faster
  18. Allows for you to shop for fitness gear through Under Armour
  19. MyFitnessPal has other apps that they are affiliated with it: MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, MapMyRide, etc. they all sync to MyFitnessPal if you download them
  20. Keeps track of your calories, and net calories & exercise (burning of calories)

These are just some of the many pros of the app J


  1. Keeps track of macros but depending on your macros goals, the percentages can be off
  2. Some of the people in the MyFitnessPal app community can be harsh if they don’t agree with your thoughts or opinions on topics or if you ask for advice
  3. Takes up a good amount of space as far as RAM/memory on a device
  4. The food is either in grams or cups or fl oz, etc. but unless you use a food scale to measure accordingly it can be difficult to decide how much of something you have eaten.
  5. If you want to set a calorie goal by meal, you have to upgrade and pay for it
  6. If you want to keep track of exercise, it would be a good idea to use another device to do so for it or use their affiliated app: MapMyFitness, something that will keep track of the amount of calories you burn in your exercise/activity. Otherwise if you manually input it on the MyFitnessPal app it may not show the correct amount of calories burned (this is mostly for resistance training exercises because those won’t show how much you burned doing it manually)
  7. You are only allowed to change your username once
  8. Tons of ads sometimes
  9. I wish they did more challenges




Overall, I think it is an app that is worthy of giving a chance, especially someone who has never kept track of calories/macros and new to the whole journey. Also, if you do decide to download it and give it a chance, feel free to add me as a friend, I love connecting and being of help & working alongside good people on a journey to being healthy and fit. Thank you for reading, feel free to like, comment, share and reblog for others to read!

Thank you, Maria for allowing me to write a guest post for your site, I hope it helps many people in the future!

Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxxxx

7 thoughts on “MyFitnessPal Health App Review.

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  2. I pay for MyFitnessPal and would not be able to track my macros without it, but I have mine set to maintenance, yet still only get recognized if I go under my calorie goal. I struggle to eat enough and not having the virtual “pat on the back” for eating what I should has always bothered me. I always wished it would show red if I went under my calorie goal or over it haha.

    Good review!

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    • I have not used the paid version, but I track my macros using the macro calculator I found online that seemed close to reliable and use MyFitnessPal to get the percentages as close to my macros as possible and to keep track of what I eat obviously. I have mine set to lose 1.5lb a week, sometimes I change it to 2.0lb a week if I feel I want to strict myself a bit more for training and what not.
      You should consider adding me as friend on MyFitnessPal, I think it would nice to keep each other motivated and on the right path , not to mention, I enjoy networking with others 🙂
      I wish it would show red as well, I don’t track my exercise on it, like I used to when I started using it, but I thought about doing it again. Anyhow, Thank you, I was hoping to get other people’s opinions on the app as well, so this good that you shared.


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