Watercolor Wallpapers app review

App review: Watercolor Wallpapers version 1.0

Google Play: Watercolor Wallpapers

watercolorwallpapersapp1Features (taken from Google Play):

Getting boring of your background and really like watercolor paintings? Or are you just looking for some inspiration? Well, then this app is just right for you!

This app offers you the following multiple galleries with different categories of watercolor wallpapers:
– Animals
– Floral
– Ombre
– Patterns
– Texts
– Landscapes






watercolorwallpapersapp2croppedI found another nice wallpaper app and it offers watercolor photos. As mentioned above (features), there are different categories to choose from.









The wallpapers really look nice and the best part is, it is all free! The app shows ads from time to time (on the bottom and sometimes pop-ups), but its not annoying, thus it is alright.

This is relatively a new app in its version, and I hope they add more wallpapers. I enjoyed using this app. Try this!

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