AppHunt app review

Today’s review: AppHunt version 3.2

Google play: AppHunt

apphunt1Features (taken from Google play):

AppHunt is a curated list of apps and conversations about Android updated in real time. The online community of users select and vote the best content: disruptive new apps, news about Android, reviews about devices, etc.

There is a front page for apps where you can find the most voted apps of the last 7 days. An another front page for all the talks related with the things you should know about Android.

In the top past section you can find the most voted content of previous weeks and months

In AppHunt you can:

★ Share the best apps with other users (from the Play Store or urls of apks)
★ Share the best articles, news, device reviews or make questions to the community
Vote for your favorite apps and conversations
Discover the best content about Android
Follow the users you like

I use this app alongside Google Playstore if I need new apps to review. This is where I usually get the inspiration for which apps to review. It also helps unpopular apps to get noticed. You need to signup first to join the AppHunt community (I think I used a Google account so it’ll be easy to signup – I’ve forgotten if a Google account is required).

On the Apps section of this app, there is a very long list/collection of apps you can try (different categories) and they are ranked starting #1 up to a certain number. I think the apps listed here are uploaded or nominated by a user. The ranking is based on the number of votes of AppHunt users. You can also vote for apps here once you signup and get verified.

There is also a Talks section wherein you can post questions, news, articles and other stuff for other users to see and read. Anything you post here is also voted and ranked by the users.

I tried posting a question there and I got some answers so I must say that legit users are present in the app. You will be notified if someone answers/comments on your post.

Google Playstore itself is great in finding new apps to try, but you can also try this app if you want other ideas on new (lesser known but good) apps to try. 🙂

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