Recipe Book app review

Today’s review: Recipe Book version

Google Play: Recipe Book

recipebook1Features (taken from Google Play):

Recipe Book is an intelligent cooking app that runs on the game changing theories of artificial intelligence and deep learning. It has a wide array of handpicked recipes of delicacies from every part of the globe, tailored to meet the tastes and preferences of our users.
Recipe Book can cater your every culinary need, be it Sunday brunches, easy beginner’s recipes, Party recipes, quick Bachelor recipes,Halloween recipes, Christmas recipes, Thanksgiving recipes etc, we have it all. Try out new fun recipes or recreate your favourite restaurant recipes ‘cos we have a plethora of recipes to suit each and every one of you!
Categories: View recipes in categories depending on your preferences- Veg, Non veg, Paleo, Vegan, etc instead of scouring through unwanted recipes. Every week we provide you with handpicked recipes pertaining to special occasions, festivals or seasons.

Offline access: For those of you who cannot be online often, Recipe Book can also act as an offline cookbook. All you have to do is save the recipes you want to try out later to the offline category, and you can view the recipes anytime, anywhere.

Coming to the interesting aspects of Recipe Book, we present to you our unique search features.

Snap n Cook- Clicking pictures for recipes is way more fun than typing it out, we feel! So grab your phone and start snapping shots of all those ingredients you have and upload them. A collection of apt recipes will unfurl before you in no time!

Shake n Make- We understand not all of us are sure about what to cook for a meal, so to save you from futile recipe searches, we bring you this fun feature, where all you have to do is tap on the ingredient icons matching to those ingredients you have, and shake your phone. You will be presented with plenty of recipe choices in an instant. Additionally, this helps in curbing the wastage of leftover food ingredients as well!

Favourites: Favourite the recipes that catch your eye to have your own go to cookbook! You can always rely on these recipes when you’re in the mood to whisk up something wonderful!

Shopping list: All the ingredients to be purchased in one place. Create your shopping list while scrolling through recipes, for a quick access while at the grocer’s.

Calorie info: Each recipe is equipped with it’s complete nutritional details so you can plan ahead a healthy meal by gauging your calorie intake.

The neat and orderly layout of the app ensures a smooth cooking experience. The step by step instructions provided for each recipe walks you through the entire procedure, hassle free.

User accounts: Create your own profile in Recipe Book and customise it with your own recipe picks depending on your taste. Upload the tried and tested innovative recipes by you or your Grandmother’s secret recipes handed down for generations to your profile. You can keep your recipes to yourself or share them with other aspiring cooks. What’s more, earn brownie points for uploading recipes in the form of discounts from selected e-commerce sites!
Stay inspired with the trending recipes from all over the world, available easily on your homepage. Recipe Book is here to guide you in your culinary quest and help you create magic in your kitchen!



This app basically gives you free recipes. It has many features such as the recipe book, shopping list, shake n’ make, snap n’ cook and get inspired. These features caught my attention, although I do not know how to cook (haha).

Here are some of the recipe categories that are available in the app. I cannot show everything here since there are lots of categories.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can also upload your own recipes:

Here is a sample of one recipe (pad thai). As you can see, the app provides you with the preparation time, cooking time, number of servings and the nutrition details. Great isn’t it? You can save the recipe by clicking the “heart” symbol. The ingredients and directions are listed at the bottom. Suggestions for other recipes are also listed at the end.

Another nice feature is the Shake N’ Make. This is very handy if you do not know what dish to cook using the ingredients you currently have on hand. You only need to select the ingredients you have and then shake your phone. The app will then give you recipes that you can use to cook the ingredients that you have. Amazing!

I did one example here: I selected pineapple, orange, mango and strawberry. The app gave me recipe suggestions such as sorbet, salsa and smoothie.

The last feature is the Snap N’ Cook. It is similar to the Shake N’ Make, but you will snap photos of your ingredients and the app will detect your ingredients. Shake your phone and then get recipe suggestions. I haven’t tried this actually, but will do this as soon as I am able.

Try this app! 🙂

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