Brightness Scheduler app review

Today’s review: Brightness Scheduler version 2.3.3

Google Play link: Brightness Scheduler

brightnessscheduler1Features (copied from Google Play):

Brightness scheduler is an application which changes the brightness of screen-light automatically at the reserved time.

Helpful to schedule as follows.
– In the morning, set the screen a little dark.
– In the afternoon, set the screen bright .
– In the night, set the screen dark.

In addition to the scheduling function, there is also a widget that you can quickly change the brightness.

Adjust the brightness well, will save the battery!

This app is the free version with ads.
Registration schedule limited to 3.










I’ve been using this app for a week now and it is definitely very helpful in my opinion. My android isn’t blessed with the automatic adjustment of brightness thus I had to do that manually. Thankfully, I found this app to do the task for me.

My habit at night is to set the screen brightness at 15% and around 30% during daytime (most of the time). Since this is a habit anyway, I opted to set this using the app so I don’t have to adjust every time. As you can see above, I use the same settings everyday.

The purpose of this app is quite simple, and you might say that I’m too lazy to do brightness adjustments by myself, but hey, not fussing about the brightness is a breath of fresh air to me. 🙂

The downside is, you can only register up to 3 brightness schedules. I hope they add more. But nevertheless, the app does its job quite nicely.

If you wish to make schedules for other tasks, such as Wi-Fi, bluetooth, mobile data etc. You can also try this app – Phone Schedule. I haven’t tried this one actually, because I choose to activate/deactivate wifi etc manually (I don’t have a fixed schedule for those things). Thus, Brightness Scheduler meets my requirement for now.

Try the Brightness Scheduler app now!


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