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Writeaday – Journal & Timeline app review

Today’s review: Writeaday – Journal & Timeline version 1.4

Google Play link: Writeaday

Writeaday1Features (taken from Google Play):

Journal that motivates you to write more, by viewing your writing as a color gradient. Invest in a journal that helps you commit to writing regularly. Record your daily events and relive them as a rainbow gradient.

• Fundamentally unique way to write quickly during the day.
• Organize diary / journal entries using #tags (‘#’ before any word you write).
• View your entries in an organized widget
• Backup to your own personal Google Drive
• Revisit your past with Time Machine – shows you an entry from the past.






I just found a journal that I will be using from now on, so I could list down what I’ve done at work and for school. I like this app because of the colors!

Plus, the user interface is very simple and easy to use.

You can view your journal entries individually or by month. You can also edit your entries anytime. Colorful lines on top of the dates indicate there are entries for those dates.

As I have said, this journal is quite simple and this works for me.

Try this app!

Dark Stories app review

Today’s review: Dark Stories

Google play link: Dark Stories

darkstories1Features/Description (copied from Google Play):



Dark Stories is an easy to play and fun game but some of the stories are quite difficult. All the stories are fictional. To solve them, the players will need to prove their skills as detectives.

Dark Stories must be played in group. A person -chosen as narrator- picks a mystery and reads its description aloud.
Then he/she reads its solution without telling the other people. The rest of the players then have to make questions in order to solve the mystery.

The narrator can only answer the questions using “Yes”, “No” or “It is not relevant”. The only possible solution is the one given at the back of each mystery card. If the answer is still not clear enough, the players must follow the narrator’s interpretation of the mystery.

A typical fragment of a gameplay could be:

Player1: “Did he die because of the shot?”
Player2: “Was he poisoned?”
Narrator: “No”
Player3: “Did he have children?”
Narrator: “It’s not relevant”
Player1: “Are there other people in the story?”
Narrator: “No”
Player2: “Did he commit suicide?”
Narrator: “Yes”

When the narrator considers that the story has been solved enough, the narrator can conclude the game and read the whole solution.

It is up to the narrator to give some clues if the story is in a deadlock.

It is perfect for birthday parties, camps… and every situation in which you join several friends.

This free App includes more than 50 stories and we will add new stories periodically.

Accidents, suicides, thefts… Will you be able to solve every mystery?


If you and your friends would like to play a puzzle game, then this app is perfect for you!

You only need to designate a narrator who will read the riddle (and the solution) and then answer yes or no to questions. This app is fun to play, I assure you!

Here are some samples of the riddles:

Try this app now! 🙂

Web Scroll Capture app review

Today’s review: Web Scroll Capture version 1.0.9

Google Play link: Web Scroll Capture

Webscrollcapture1Features (copied from Google Play):

Now you can capture profile from any social media website like Facebook, Instagram, twitter.
Web scroll capture can capture images of long conversations
and also conversations of Facebook and Instagram.

Save web to offline is a new and easy to use feature in this web scroll capture.

Save Pages Offline is useful for reading the latest articles of your favorite online newspaper.
Having tourist information at hand right away while you are on vacation, saving food recipes to cook delicious food for later, or troubleshooting articles from your favorite tech blog that you can use for work.

Web scroll capture save internet data you save the page of any food recipes or any article, blog and anything you like just save it and read it offline later.

You can capture a whole web scrolling screen capture android.This app help you to take long screen shots with simply clicking the capture scrolling page button.
This is the best app for scrolling screenshots for android on playstore.

Now you can turn any webpage into PDF file to make notes and to save the web page for reading offline.

– Capture full web scrolling page into an image.
– Capture full web scrolling screen into PDF.

If you are facing difficulties in view long screen shots please change your image viewer.


I used this app to save important information needed for my research. Thus, I do not need go back to the URLs listed in Google.

This app has its own browser so you can browse directly there or you can paste your own link. Clicking a button (with the shutter icon) will activate the screen capture.

Here is a sample, I wanted to save some current news:

Now, I intend to save the article (above, rightmost). There are three options to save: 1) as a webpage, 2) pdf or 3) image file (png). I chose the pdf and the image file.

I really liked this app because I do not need to do the usual copy pasting of information from websites. I can just save it as a pdf or an image. The best feature is it saves the whole article or webpage, even the parts hidden from the screen. With the stock screenshot feature in our phones, we can only capture those on the screen. This is a huge advantage for this app.

Most of the time, I save my research as a pdf. Now my files are very organized since all of them are the same file type.

This app is useful for saving your: searches/researches/articles, social media profiles, conversations, photos etc.

Try this app now!