Hi! I started this blog to de-stress.  I am a biology graduate, currently pursuing my master’s degree in the same field. What I do is review android apps for fun. I just review an app the way a simple person would, focusing on the function; if it really works the way the developer intended.

Follow me on Instagram: @yournoviceappreviewer


Tumblr: yournoviceappreviewer.tumblr.com

I accept guest posts, sponsored reviews, etc. If you wish to request for an app review, please go to the Contact Me page and send me a message with the following information:

  • App name
  • Google play link/promo code/apk file
  • Website/app URLs/company website etc
  • Please state if you can donate a small amount – please don’t take it the wrong way, but I also wanted to monetize my blog (these donations will help me a lot).
  • My paypal address is yournoviceappreviewer@gmail.com

I will also promote the review on my Instagram account.

All reviews published on my blog are posted for good (or forever, for all time, until the end of time haha).

I am also an online freelancer, you can hire me for tasks/work. Just contact me here or on Fiverr. Please check out my profile on Fiverr:


If you would like to receive a newsletter containing updates from my app review blog, you can either subscribe to my blog directly or add your email address to this signup form: http://eepurl.com/cBDK7T

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