Writeaday – Journal & Timeline app review

Today’s review: Writeaday – Journal & Timeline version 1.4

Google Play link: Writeaday

Writeaday1Features (taken from Google Play):

Journal that motivates you to write more, by viewing your writing as a color gradient. Invest in a journal that helps you commit to writing regularly. Record your daily events and relive them as a rainbow gradient.

• Fundamentally unique way to write quickly during the day.
• Organize diary / journal entries using #tags (‘#’ before any word you write).
• View your entries in an organized widget
• Backup to your own personal Google Drive
• Revisit your past with Time Machine – shows you an entry from the past.






I just found a journal that I will be using from now on, so I could list down what I’ve done at work and for school. I like this app because of the colors!

Plus, the user interface is very simple and easy to use.

You can view your journal entries individually or by month. You can also edit your entries anytime. Colorful lines on top of the dates indicate there are entries for those dates.

As I have said, this journal is quite simple and this works for me.

Try this app!

Beautiful HD Wallpapers app review

Today’s review: Beautiful HD Wallpapers version 1.4.0 (by

Google Play link: Beautiful HD Wallpapers

BeautifulHDwallpapers1Features (copied from Google Play):

You can download over 20,000 beautiful HD quality wallpapers for free. Wallpapers are added and updated daily.
We carefully select each high-quality image individually so that it also functions as a gallery app that is fun to browse.

With this easy to use app you can save your favorite wallpapers and directly set them as your home screen and lock screen backgrounds directly from the app.
You can see the latest wallpapers, popular wallpapers, and browse from over 20 categories including “people”, “illustrations”, “simple”, and “cute”.
You can also add wallpapers to your favorites so you can look at your favorite wallpapers anytime you like.

The fully functional gallery allows you to view the wallpapers as thumbnails or in full screen mode.
The app also includes a share function so that you can share wallpapers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or via email.

Our app stands out from the rest because we manually update our list of high quality wallpapers with a focus on adding high quality images.
We work hard to ensure we have an image gallery that is not only fun to look at, but also makes it easy for you to find more wallpapers you will really want to use than anywhere else.

Please make sure to try out this app if you are looking for Android wallpapers.
We have carefully selected some of the most beautiful and cool wallpapers, so we are sure you will find a favorite in our gallery.
Let this app bring some color to your smartphone!

Wallpaper categories:

Abstract, Simple, Colorful, Monochrome, Nature, Space, Architecture, Car, Flowers, Plants, People, Animals, Living things, Art, Illustrations, Cute, Food & Drink, Typography, 3D, Funny

Main functions:

1. Browse pages and save wallpapers
2. Wallpapers are added and updated daily
3. List functions for the latest and popular wallpapers
4. Display over 20 wallpaper categories
5. Wallpaper favorites function
6. View a list of wallpaper thumbnails
7. Display wallpapers full screen
8. Share wallpapers via Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / email
9. Learn about wallpaper updates through push notifications

Wallpaper sizes:

• 1440 × 2560 pixel (WQHD)
• 1080 × 1920 pixel (FHD)
• 720 × 1280 pixel (HD)
• 480 × 800 pixel (WVGA)
• 2560 × 1600 pixel (WQXGA)
• 1200 × 1920 pixel (WUXGA)


I have reviewed a wallpaper app before and it is still one of my favorites and now I’m going to share this one with you since this is also another of my source for lovely wallpapers.


The main interface of the app (Home) will already give you some random wallpapers such as the following:

Beautiful isn’t it? If you are looking for a specific category of wallpaper, don’t fret, they already have the wallpapers categorized for easier searching. The categories are on the left sidebar, if you press the Menu icon on the top left.

You can also save the wallpaper to your phone, share it on social media and of course, set it as your phone wallpaper.

I chose this wallpaper (see below) for my phone since it is lovely and kind of refreshing to look at. 🙂


I hope the developers can add a search option, this would be handy if we are searching for a very specific theme of wallpaper (through tags). This will certainly minimize the search time.

Try this app now!

Brightness Scheduler app review

Today’s review: Brightness Scheduler version 2.3.3

Google Play link: Brightness Scheduler

brightnessscheduler1Features (copied from Google Play):

Brightness scheduler is an application which changes the brightness of screen-light automatically at the reserved time.

Helpful to schedule as follows.
– In the morning, set the screen a little dark.
– In the afternoon, set the screen bright .
– In the night, set the screen dark.

In addition to the scheduling function, there is also a widget that you can quickly change the brightness.

Adjust the brightness well, will save the battery!

This app is the free version with ads.
Registration schedule limited to 3.










I’ve been using this app for a week now and it is definitely very helpful in my opinion. My android isn’t blessed with the automatic adjustment of brightness thus I had to do that manually. Thankfully, I found this app to do the task for me.

My habit at night is to set the screen brightness at 15% and around 30% during daytime (most of the time). Since this is a habit anyway, I opted to set this using the app so I don’t have to adjust every time. As you can see above, I use the same settings everyday.

The purpose of this app is quite simple, and you might say that I’m too lazy to do brightness adjustments by myself, but hey, not fussing about the brightness is a breath of fresh air to me. 🙂

The downside is, you can only register up to 3 brightness schedules. I hope they add more. But nevertheless, the app does its job quite nicely.

If you wish to make schedules for other tasks, such as Wi-Fi, bluetooth, mobile data etc. You can also try this app – Phone Schedule. I haven’t tried this one actually, because I choose to activate/deactivate wifi etc manually (I don’t have a fixed schedule for those things). Thus, Brightness Scheduler meets my requirement for now.

Try the Brightness Scheduler app now!