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Writeaday – Journal & Timeline app review

Today’s review: Writeaday – Journal & Timeline version 1.4

Google Play link: Writeaday

Writeaday1Features (taken from Google Play):

Journal that motivates you to write more, by viewing your writing as a color gradient. Invest in a journal that helps you commit to writing regularly. Record your daily events and relive them as a rainbow gradient.

• Fundamentally unique way to write quickly during the day.
• Organize diary / journal entries using #tags (‘#’ before any word you write).
• View your entries in an organized widget
• Backup to your own personal Google Drive
• Revisit your past with Time Machine – shows you an entry from the past.






I just found a journal that I will be using from now on, so I could list down what I’ve done at work and for school. I like this app because of the colors!

Plus, the user interface is very simple and easy to use.

You can view your journal entries individually or by month. You can also edit your entries anytime. Colorful lines on top of the dates indicate there are entries for those dates.

As I have said, this journal is quite simple and this works for me.

Try this app!